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' About Us '

Braydnvale's Kids with Tarnisha & Indianna

 We are a young family with 5 children who adopted our first Cavalier in 1990, a little very pretty blenheim boy.  Beau was my little shadow but due to an unfortunate dog attack, his life ended too soon.  It took me a while to get over the heartbreak of losing such a delightful, gorgeous little baby.  A few years after this heartbreak of losing him, we decided to adopt another Cavalier into our growing family.

After a lengthy wait we finally found a breeder nearby and picked Penny from a litter of 3 puppies, a lovely blenheim girl.  Penny is now the matriarch of our Cavaliers at 11 years young.  She adores the puppies and plays with them like they were her own. 

In 1995, I came across an article and advert showing 2 lovely gorgeous ruby cavaliers.  Their names were Aust Ch Harana Slap N Tickle and Aust Ch Sorata Miss Daisy, both were imported from Uk by their owner Philippa Micklem.  I kept this article for over 3 years before deciding to phone the owner of these two to enquire about a Ruby Cavalier to introduce us to the show ring. Indianna (Barakah Indian Summer) arrived nearly 9 months later, and to my delight she was the double grandaughter of Harana Slap N Tickle and the grandaughter of Sorata Miss Daisy.  Over this time I had built up a friendship with her breeder and this I am forever grateful for.  Philippa has offered much advice and I have truly learnt so much from her.  As the saying goes in dogs, 'You will never stop learning'.

Indianna 'Barakah Indian Summer', is behind the majority of our Braydnvale wholecolours, and although she was never that world beater in the show ring she had been placed in a few specialty shows, she has however made her mark in the whelping box.


If You Don't Know Me By Now - Simply Red

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