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' Breed Information '

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Cavaliers are Delightful Companions which are intelligent and easy to train. They have a lovely temperament and they just love to sit on your lap or going out for a leisurely walk.  Being quite adaptable they would fit in with whatever lifestyle you may have, although it is not recommended they be left home alone hours on end as they were bred to be a Companion Dog and like to have company.  Although Cavaliers are not a yappy breed they will usually bark when something is out of the ordinary.

There is really No difference in temperament in Cavaliers between the sexes, as all are extremely affectionate and loving.  Some owners are worried about Male Dogs lifting their leg and marking their territory, but when neutered at a young age boys still squat to urinate like females (We recommend boys be neutered at 6 months of age). It really comes down to the personality of the puppy which would fit in with your lifestyle.

Cavaliers are a Toy breed of dog which usually weigh between 12 -18 pounds.  Some Cavaliers can be a little larger than this and weigh up to 25 pounds. They come in 4 colours, the  'Particolours' which are Blenheim and Tricolour, & the 'Wholecolours' which are Black & Tan and Ruby.

Cavaliers have a lovely soft silky coat, with lovely feathering on the ears, tail, belly, back legs and chest.  They should be bathed weekly to fortnightly with a brush at least once a week, paying particular attention to the feathering behind the ears as this is where knots may happen..  Occasionally Cavaliers do drop or shed coat (usually once or twice yearly with the change of seasons), brushing the coat quite regularly during this time will remove the dead hair.  Nails should be cut monthly to stop them growing too long.


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