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' Show Results '

Below are our show results from Specialty Shows
or well respected Cavalier Breeders.


 Braydnvale Fire Dancer

Tarnisha has done well at a specialist level, and very well under other Cavalier specialists/breeders.  She is a multi-class in show and group winner.  Having spent most of 2003 out of the ring, we are hoping to start to recampaign her late 2004 as her much anticipated litter is due in April.

 ~ Critiques ~

BRIAN TOWNSEND, Alderleigh Cavaliers (Uk) Canberra Cav Club: Perhaps this is one of the nicest Rubies I have judged for some time. Quality rubies are very few and far between. So rich in colour, lovely dark eye, good pigmentation, nice earset with adequate ear fringe. In excellent coat and condition, sound throughout and competed well in this class.

KEN TOWN, Barsac Cavaliers (Uk) Canberra Cav Club ~ Tarnisha was awarded LIMIT IN SPECIALTY SHOW: Well constructed ruby of good size and type. Big round dark eyes, good head type, not a lot of coat but the colour very deep and pleasing with excellent black nose pigment. Waggy tail, pleasing profile movement, kept her shape perfectly as she strode around the ring.

 ~ Show Results ~

 Limit In Show ~  Canberra Cavalier Specialty.
Ken Town (Barsac UK)

3rd Limit Bitch ~ Canberra Cavalier Specialty.
Brian Townsend (Alderleigh Uk)

3rd Junior Bitch ~ Nsw Cavalier Specialty
Jeanie Montford (Elvenhome)

Junior In Show ~ Canberra Toy Dog Club
Darryl Chapman (Chrisindy)

Reserve Challenge (from the Puppy Class), Puppy In Group
Shelly Walker (Redcrest NZ)

Tarnisha has also won numerous
awards in Nsw and Canberra Specialty Shows.

 Braydnvale Orig Tapestry

Maddie has only just been introduced into the showring.  At her first specialty show she placed 3rd in her large class. We are looking forward to much success with this special girl.

~ Critiques ~


 ~ Show Results ~

 3rd Intermediate Bitch Class ~  Nsw Cavalier Specialty.
Richard Gilmore-Smith (Farnsmere)


Aust Ch
 Braydnvale Painted Brave

Thomas was rarely shown throughout puppyhood as we were waiting for him to mature.  He has been awarded multi Best in Groups, Runner-up in Groups, and many Best of Breeds and R/ups and our proudest moment is when he became Braydnvale's First Champion.... 

~ Critiques ~


 ~ Show Results ~

  Runner Up In ShowTasmania.
Lionel Manners (Nz)

 Best of Breed ~  Victorian Toy Show.
Anne Dobie (Glengariff NZ) from over 180 Cavalier Entries!!

 2nd Limit Dog Class ~  Nsw Cavalier Specialty.
Anita Godwin (Cavaleigh UK)

Braydnvale Etched InGold

Montanna is our little livewire.... and has been very slow to mature. She is a lovely rich ruby well within the Cavalier Standard.  As with her mother and uncle (Thomas) I am sure she will mature well with time.

~ Critiques ~


 ~ Show Results ~

 2nd Baby Puppy Bitch Class ~  Nsw Cavalier Specialty.
Robyn Carter (Retrac)

 5th Minor Puppy Bitch Class (22 entries) ~  Nsw Cavalier Specialty.
Anita Godwin (Cavaleigh UK)


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